Top 8 Betting Sites With Referral Bonuses In India

What Is A Referral Bonus?

  • A refer-a-friend bonus, also known as a referral bonus, is like a little reward bookmakers give their loyal customers who refer their friends and family to their websites.
  • These bonuses are part of the operators‘ affiliate marketing programs and often used as a vehicle for customer acquisition.
  • The best part about a referral bonus is that you get extra money to place bets by just sending your friends a referral link to the bookie where you are already betting. No other formalities.

It is entirely up to the bookies how they structure these referral bonuses. These could be a fixed amount of betting cash or free bets, or equal to a specific percentage of their referrals bet, for a predetermined period, once you register.

How Does Refer-A-Friend Bonus Work?

No surprises here. You send a referral bonus link among your circle, and whenever there’s a new registration, you get a bonus. Sounds simple? But there’s something you must keep in mind.

While the process after generating the referral link from your account is straightforward (that is, to send the link), the path to getting that link has some eligibility requirements. To ensure that you are clear about referral bonuses from the get-go, we’ve delved deep into the terms of how refer a friend bonuses actually work and summarised a few key points below:

1. Registration: You must register with the particular bookmaker of which you want to send a referral bonus link.

2. Eligibility: While the exact requirements will vary across bookmakers, here are some common ones you must look out for to smoothly avail of a refer a friend bonus.

i. Time after signing up: This is the minimum period for which bookmakers require you to be their customer before you can generate and send referral links.
ii. Minimum bet value: As these bonuses are a sort of reward system for loyal punters, bookmakers require you to bet a reasonable sum of money before they let you use such referral bonuses.
iii. Account balance: We have observed that it doesn’t matter what your betting history is; if you have negative or zero balance in your betting account, chances are bookmakers will not offer you their refer a friend bonuses.

NOTE: While the abovementioned eligibility factors are seen across most bookies offering refer a friend bonuses, these are NOT mandatory. So, if you come across an operator that does not have such eligibility criteria, go for it.

Once you are eligible for the referral bonus, you can visit the bonus page — usually found under the promotions tab along with other sports betting welcome offers — and proceed to generate the referral link. Some betting sites even generate unique codes that can be shared over social media platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp.

Every time a new customer joins the betting site using your link or code, you will get an intimation and receive the bonus in your betting account according to the terms and conditions.

What To Consider When Selecting A Refer-A-Friend Bonus

Bonuses are always alluring, and it is natural to not think twice before claiming them. However, each bonus is unique, involving specific terms and conditions. Here are some pointers you must always read in detail when choosing a refer a friend bonus.

Check bonus validity before sending the referral link. Bookmakers have specific T&Cs in this aspect, and it is best you share the referral link only if it will remain valid for at least a couple of days.

Sending a referral bonus link for meagre refer a friend bonuses like ₹10-20 doesn’t make much sense. Make sure you are getting a reasonable bonus before you decide to promote the bookmaker by sharing the referral link.

  • Credibility of betting site

Read bookmaker reviews online and check betting forums to assess the site’s past track record with respect to referral bonuses. It is futile to send referral links of bookmakers that refuse to dole out such bonuses on the slightest of pretext, especially after your friends have joined them.

Most refer a friend bonuses are activated only when your friend (or whomsoever you’ve shared the referral link with) deposits and bets some money. A high deposit requirement might put you in a tough spot if your buddy is new to betting. You can check out some of the better low deposit betting sites and see if any bookmaker from this list is handing out referral bonuses.

  • Bonus wagering requirements

You share the link with your friend, they register, and you get the bonus too. But there’s still one factor that can spoil the party — bonus wagering requirements. Know the T&Cs – with respect to bonus withdrawals, turnover requirements, and scope of betting events where you can use the bonus — like the back of your hand to understand how easily you can use the referral bonus once it’s in your account.

Advantages Of Refer A Friend Bonuses

The most lucrative aspect of a sportsbook referral bonus is the ease of availing it. As you know by now, all you need to do to get this bonus is share the referral bonus link with your friends. After that, all registrations through that link will bring you extra money in the form of betting cash or free bets.

What’s more? There is zero risk for you in this entire process and you don’t stand to lose anything even if no one uses the refer-a-friend bonus link.

How To Claim A Refer A Friend Bonus?

Claiming referral bonuses is pretty straightforward. If you send the referral link, you will automatically receive the bonus once your friend (the person you shared the link with) registers using that link and deposits or places bets, depending on the bookmaker’s terms.

There’s not much you can do, as a referrer, to claim your bonus. It all depends on the recipient. If they use the link, you will get the bonus, or else you will not.

However, you must go through the terms for any criterion that mandatorily requires you to submit a request or fill a form for claiming the bonus once your friend registers using the link. However, only a few betting sites will ever impose such conditions. For example, Dafabet allows bonuses only for those friends referred through their opt-in form.

Top Refer A Friend Bonuses In India – Explained

Here are the eight best refer a friend bonuses available right now in India:

1. Crickex Refer a Friend Bonus

Crickex refer a friend

Crickex has been successfully running its referral bonus program since 2020. The Crickex refer code offers a fairly reasonable bonus amount with minimum conditions, making it an attractive proposition for any punter looking to pad their bankroll with some extra money. Another advantage of Crickex’s offer is that the friend also receives the same bonus amount.

  • Refer a friend bonus amount: ₹200
  • Important terms
  • Friend must deposit minimum ₹1,000 and achieve turnover of ₹5,000
  • Wagering requirement for bonus withdrawal: 10x
  • Terms to be fulfilled within 5 days of registration using the link

2. Dafabet Refer A Friend Bonus

Dafabet Refer a friend

Now, we know Dafabet has a comprehensive sportsbook with competitive early outright markets for some of the top cricket leagues and cricket tournaments. That apart, the bookmaker also offers a generous bonus that comes with its fair share of terms and conditions. It’s a tiered disbursement structure, with different bonuses at different stages of referrals.

  • Refer a friend bonus amount: Up to ₹2,000 in free bets
  • Important terms
  • You will get the first bonus after three successful referrals. Thereafter, bonus for every referral.
  • Wagering requirement for bonus withdrawal: 5x
  • Only those referred friends submitted through the opt-in form will be considered. As a referrer, you can only refer 10 friends a month.
  • You must have at least ₹5,000 accumulated deposits and 10 settled bets within the last 30 days to be eligible for making referrals.

3. Unibet Refer A Friend Bonus

Unibet refer a friend

Unibet offers one of the biggest referral bonuses, but the high minimum deposit conditions significantly prolong the period after which you can expect to receive the bonus in your account.

  • Refer a friend bonus amount: Up to €350
  • Important terms
  • Friend must register through the link within 30 days of you sharing it.
  • You can refer a maximum of 3 friends from one account.
  • Your friend must wager a minimum amount of €500 within 60 days for you to get the bonus credit.
  • All bonuses have a 5x wagering requirements to be eligible for withdrawal.

4. 5Dimes Refer A Friend Bonus

5Dimes refer a friend

5Dimes is one of the few bookmakers that offers its referral bonus on a percentage basis. The bonus percentage is fixed per se, but 5Dimes values you more if you make high referrals for them and gives out a higher bonus percentage as a reward.

  • Refer a friend bonus amount: 20% of your friend’s opening deposit subject to a maximum of $200 as referral bonus.
  • Important terms
  • Referral bonuses have to be claimed by contacting 5Dimes within 24 hours of your friend’s initial deposit.
  • You will be eligible for making such referrals only if your overall deposits exceed the sum of your current and pending balance clubbed with the total redemptions till date.
  • In case you are getting noticeably high referrals conversion, contact the customer support staff for a hike in the bonus percentage.

5. BetOnline Refer A Friend Bonus

Betonline refer a friend

BetOnline offers multiple refer-a-friend bonus options on its website, with different promotion bonuses for sports, casino, and poker. It is one of the few bookmakers offering a bonus equalling 2x of what your friend will deposit, making it an attractive promotional offer.

  • Refer a friend bonus amount: 200% up to $200
  • Important terms
  • Minimum deposit by friend: $25
  • Bonus gets credited only after your friend rolls over the deposit once or holds it for minimum 30 days.

6. Fun88 Refer A Friend Bonus

Fun88 Refer a friend

Fun88 has a clear-cut referral bonus policy with straightforward terms and conditions. It also offers you the option of sharing the referral link with your friends via a QR code that you can generate through your betting account profile.

  • Refer a friend bonus amount: ₹500
  • Important terms
  • Bonus amount is credited once your friend places bets of at least ₹5,000.
  • You can make a maximum of 10 referrals only.
  • Once credited, the bonus amount should be rolled over at least 10x within 14 days to be eligible for withdrawals.

7. JeetWin Refer A Friend Bonus

JeetWin refer a friend

JeetWin, an already popular bookie with one of the best cricket betting apps, has come up with a reasonably balanced and attractive referral bonus program for the punter community. Both you and your friend get the bonus under this promotional offer. Even better is the feature that there is no cap on the number of times you can make referrals, making the program a never-ending source of extra bet money for you.

  • Refer a friend bonus amount: ₹300
  • Important terms
  • The bonus is credited once your friend deposits a total of ₹2,000 and turns it over at least once.
  • Your friend gets 30 days to fulfil the deposit and turnover requirement.

8. Refer A Friend Bonus Refer a friend lets you and your friend avail a generous referral bonus with relatively straightforward terms and conditions.

  • Refer a friend bonus amount: €50
  • Important terms
  • Your friend must make a minimum first deposit of at least €20 or more for you to receive this bonus.
  • Your friend is eligible for a bonus of €10 only. To withdraw the bonus, it must be turned over 10x within 30 days at minimum odds of 1.50.

DraftKings Refer A Friend Bonus

DraftKings’ referral bonus seems like one of the most sought-after on the web. It has a multi-tier structure, with higher bonuses for higher deposits from your friends. That’s quite generous on the bookie’s part, but the only point of concern is that the offer is only available in a select few jurisdictions like the USA and Canada. The operator doesn’t offer its services in India, so you will have to rely on a VPN service to avail the DraftKings’ referral bonus.

About Draft Kings Referral Bonus
  • Refer a friend bonus amount: Up to $100
  • Important terms
  • Your friend must make a minimum deposit of at least $25 to make you eligible for receiving a bonus credit.
  • You can send referral links to only 5 people.

*Kindly check your local laws and regulations before proceeding with any VPN service.

Refer A Friend Bonus FAQs

Which betting site provides the best refer-a-friend bonus?

You can check out the top eight referral bonuses in this article. It’s difficult to single out any one as the best, but if we were to choose the top three, we would go with Crickex, Dafabet, and Unibet.


What is a good referral bonus?

Referral bonuses that accept a variety of betting payment methods and guarantee on-time bonus payments without imposing stringent terms and conditions are generally regarded as good and preferred by punters.


How do I know if I am eligible for a referral bonus?

That’s easy. All you need to do is click on the bonus offer and log in to your account. If you are eligible, you will be automatically allowed to generate the referral link. If not, you will have to fulfil certain conditions which you can check in the bonus program’s T&C section or know about them by contacting the customer support team.


Is minimum deposit mandatory for refer a friend bonuses?

Most bookmakers require your friend to deposit a certain sum before you are credited the bonus.


How many friends can I send the referral links to?

Every bookie has their own limits in this regard. But generally, most betting sites allow you to share the referral link only once with each friend. If you and your friends are found circumventing this rule by making multiple betting accounts, all your accounts might be forfeited or suspended.


CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

Refer a friend bonus is one of the simplest ways to earn extra money for your cricket betting needs. Though it has its terms and conditions, none are even remotely prohibitive.
Try using any of the refer-a-friend bonuses we have mentioned above or any other referral bonus that you feel is right for you, but ensure you experience this at least once. Till then, happy betting!

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