Top 16 Betting Offers In India (2022) – Free Bets, Cashbacks & More

What are Sports Betting Offers?

  • Sports betting offers are special promotions bookmakers offer to make your betting experience more enjoyable and rewarding.
  • These offers allow bookies to attract new customers and encourage them to sign up and make a deposit.

There are several types of sports betting offers in India, and these vary depending on how far you are in your betting journey. Some of the most common ones are free bets, welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, referral bonuses (also known as refer a friend bonuses), and cashbacks.

All this sounds exciting, but first things first. Why should we even go for these betting offers?

Advantages of Sports Betting Offers In India

Here are three unmissable benefits of opting for sports betting offers in India:

It’s an obvious benefit and the most important of all. The best part about sports betting offers is that you get extra money for free. This is especially useful if you are new to gambling and don’t want to pump in too much money right at the beginning. You can also check out some of India’s top low deposit betting sites, which accept bets with a paltry minimum deposit.

Getting extra leverage in any form, be it in the form of bet deals or free bets, allows you to experiment with new betting markets and wagers, which you might’ve had given a pass otherwise.

  • Opportunity to make up for lost money

Of course, you should first know about the various risks and rewards in betting. But despite knowing that losing is a real possibility, you’d not want to lose a wager, right? This is where sports betting offers can help you.

Handsome bonuses or the top free bets, for that matter, allow you to wager more for free, giving you a chance to earn back the money you lost. Several bookies even give you a portion of the money lost as cashback or as a free bet.

But What’s In It For The Bookmaker?

Well, customer loyalty. What else!

Betting sites need you to sustain their business. So, even though offering freebies could be a pinch in the short term, they are happy to do so to onboard new punters and keep the existing customers happy.

Once you are assured of a particular bookmaker’s trustworthiness and satisfied with their willingness to roll out some of the best bet deals on the market, you’re less likely to sign up elsewhere. Additionally, you’re more than likely to recommend that site to your friends and family.

How To Claim Sports Betting Offers In India?

On the one hand, you have betting offers like refer-a-friend bonuses and cashbacks, which entail quite a few eligibility criteria. On the other hand, welcome bonuses are the most straightforward in terms of such requirements.

Here is a step-by-step process to claiming 10Cric’s betting offers in 2022. This procedure is more or less the same across betting sites.

  • Step 1: Visit the 10CRIC website.
  • Step 2: Click on ‘Promotions’. You can check all the available promotions and offers.
  • Step 3: 10CRIC offers a tiered welcome package of up to ₹1,00,000. You are eligible for a 100% first deposit bonus up to a maximum of ₹30,000. Click on ‘Join Now’.
  • Step 4: You will be directed to the sign-up page where you have to enter your personal details and create your 10CRIC account.
  • Step 5: Once your account is ready, login and enter at least the minimum deposit amount that makes you eligible for the bonus, i.e., ₹1,000.

10cric promotions

With scores of online sports betting sites, it’s no surprise that you have a veritable mix of betting offers in India jostling for your attention. We have crawled the internet and found some of the hottest and most easily accessible betting offers for 2022. Here’s a rundown:

Betting offers

1. Welcome Bonus

  • Probably the first betting offer you will ever come across at any new bookie.
  • A carefully thought-out welcome bonus package can attract swathes of new punters, which is what every bookie wants!
  • These are usually offered as a percentage or a multiple of the initial qualifying deposit, though in some cases, you might also get your bonus even without depositing a single rupee.

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10cric sports offer

2. Deposit & No Deposit Bonus

Bookies can’t just stop after offering welcome bonuses, right? You want that extra padding in your betting wallets throughout the year, and why not?

Bookies are well aware of punter expectations, and most of the leading almost always keep their promotions tab filled with some extra:

  • Deposit bonuses: These are offered as a percentage of your initial deposit and are usually given out as extra betting money, free bets, or cashbacks.
  • No deposit bonuses: These are given to you without you having to put down that initial deposit.

Remember that a no deposit bonus is hard to find, with only a handful of bookmakers — like Parimatch and Vbet — willing to offer them, that too, for a limited period only (sometimes just for a couple of days). So, it won’t be ethical on our part to redirect you to a few no deposit bonuses that could become invalid in just a few days. But large offers don’t come easy, so always keep looking for them!

3. Free Bets

  • Leading cricket betting apps and sites often allow you to wager without you having to make a deposit. Instead, you get extra betting money upfront as a promotional offer. These are referred to as free bets.
  • Instead of a direct cash benefit, operators load your betting account with free bets equivalent to the no-deposit bonus amount they wish to provide.
  • But do you actually get it right away without doing anything? In most cases, no. A majority of the bookies require you to deposit some money or have a reasonably satisfactory betting history before you can avail of such bets.

However, on special occasions, like your birthdays or during top cricket tournaments, you might get free bets without any add-on conditions. These are also some of the best bet deals offered in VIP loyalty programs.

Vbet free bet offer


4. Boosted Odds

  • While not exactly a sports betting offer, boosted odds are an excellent feature to better your chances of winning more money.
  • Known by different names – enhanced odds or odds boost, for instance – the basics of this feature are pretty simple to understand.
  • Bookies earmark specific markets they are willing to offer for a small or no margin to attract more punters. In such cases, they pass the cost benefit to you by making the odds of that market more competitive.
  • Many bookmakers allow punters to use this feature at their discretion, while most of them will typically reserve boosted odds for select betting markets, especially when top cricket leagues are going on. For example, bet365 marks the events eligible for a bet boost with green arrows.
  • Operators like bet365, Marathonbet, and Unibet are known to provide boosted odds regularly.

bet365 bet boost

5. Betting Cashbacks

  • Bookmakers often extend you cashback options against your wager to reduce your risk while placing a bet.
  • The classic money-back (or cashback) offer involves the bookie returning a certain percentage of the bets you placed back into your betting wallet.
  • Such cashbacks are often applicable only for losing bets, wherein you are returned in full or partially the stake of your lost wager.

10cric extra cashback

6. Referral bonus

  • Referral bonuses are essentially rewards a betting site rolls out when you…well…refer the bookmaker to other people, and they successfully sign up.
  • Also known as refer a friend bonuses, these rewards may be given in the form of betting cash or free bets.
  • Remember that both you, as well as the person you referred to, may be eligible for referral bonuses. But the exact fine print of this betting offer will vary across bookmakers.

Dafabet terms and conditions

Best Casino Offers

All leading sports bookmakers also offer a ton of casino games, as you might have already noticed. And thanks to these casino gambling options, you can even try your hand at those along with betting on sports if you want an extra dose of entertainment and thrill.

You’re in for a pleasant surprise as almost all the best cricket betting sites also provide a raft of casino-specific welcome bonuses and other betting offers so that you find them as rewarding and enjoyable as sports betting.

That said, if you’re new to the whole online gambling space, we suggest you stick to either of the two, as going out all guns blazing in your very first attempt might not be a wise idea as far as your finances are concerned.

Here are five casino-specific betting offers from five of India’s best online casinos:

How To Take Full Advantage Of Sports Betting Offers In India?

Listed below are five essential determinants you must consider before claiming any betting offer to ensure that you realise the maximum worth of your bonus:

1. Wagering Requirement

  • Wagering requirements refer to the number of times you must rollover or bet your bonus amount before withdrawing it from your betting wallet. Betting sites typically impose this condition to ensure fair usage of the benefit extended by them.
  • In the absence of such policies, there are chances of misuse of the sports betting offer; for example, one can withdraw the extra money without playing with it.
  • That said, many bookmakers levy extremely stringent wagering conditions, leaving you better off if you don’t claim those offers.

Takeaway: Always check the wagering requirements before claiming any offer. That’s because even though you won’t lose anything after claiming, you might end up wasting your time by not getting any additional benefit.

2. Offer Validity

  • Every betting offer, be it deposit bonuses, cashbacks, or free bets, comes with its validity (the time within which you must utilise the benefit).
  • Especially beware of this term in case of welcome bonuses, as you are not eligible to claim that bonus too long after signing up.
  • There is also a time validity once you have claimed the benefit, and this can extend from a couple of days to months.

Takeaway: So, the idea is that each sports betting offer has its unique terms and conditions, which you must understand like the back of your hand before availing it.

3. Event (or match)-specific offers

  • Bookmakers roll out some of their best bet deals when major international and domestic leagues/tournaments come around.
  • These offers are often tailored to the specific event in question and, understandably, generate tremendous interest among punters.
  • For example, any Indian Premier League edition sees a massive spike in betting from across the world, and almost every leading betting site curates tailored IPL-specific promos and benefits — be it bigger welcome bonuses or more frequent free bets.

Takeaway: However, the downside is that such offers only last for a limited period, usually as long as the tournament or the league continues. So, you must ensure that you fulfil all the requirements of such offers well in time to make yourself eligible for withdrawals.

4. Offer Restrictions

  • Sports betting offers usually come with a set of eligibility requirements you must follow.
  • These could be in terms of the events for which the bonus/free bets can be used, minimum odds of the events in question, and, of course, the period within which you have to exhaust the betting offer, as we have discussed earlier.

Takeaway: Read the offer fine print carefully, as that will tell you what caps or limits a betting offer is subject to.

5. Operator Reviews

  • The internet is abuzz with fly-by-the-night bookmakers that will provide you with offers promising the moon and back but could trick you out of your hard-earned money without hesitation.
  • Thus, make it a point to always check out bookmaker reviews online before claiming any offer.

Takeaway: At CBA, we have dedicated cricket betting site reviews that are objective, fair, and give you all the information you need before signing up with an operator and availing of its betting offers.

What Makes A Great Sports Betting Offer?

  • Uniformity of access
    An excellent filter to pick out genuine sports betting offers in India from the rest is their ease of accessibility. By this, we mean whether these offers can be used by new and existing customers alike. Many bookmakers come up with siloed offers that are eligible for use by only one category of users, which we believe is not the best way to go about it.
  • Limits on usage
    While some terms and conditions are, of course, understandable, imposing a laundry list of those to avail and use the betting offer is as unjustified as it’s unnecessary. It takes away the real fun of betting, making the offer more of a headache than a source of enjoyment.
  • Competitiveness
    The last but probably the most vital checkbox to identify a value-adding sports betting offer is how it compares to the competition. The best bet deals can come in various shapes and sizes — as top free bets or enticing welcome packages. But no matter what it is, the willingness to curate and offer a handsome betting offer tells you a lot about how customer-centric the bookmaker is and if it is ready to go the extra mile to keep you happy.

Suppose you have scanned the competition and found that, on average, bookmakers are offering a welcome package worth ₹2500. In that case, your preferred betting site must definitely have an offer somewhere around that range, if not higher. If not, it’s time to jump ship.

Sports Betting Offers In India FAQs

What are some of the best sports betting offers in India?

It’s a long list, to be honest. If you scroll up to the beginning of the article, you will find listed the top betting offers 2022. However, if we had to narrow it down, we’d say 10Cric, Parimatch, and Melbet are currently providing some of the meatiest betting offers in India. These three are also fast withdrawal betting sites, allowing you to withdraw your winnings within minutes to a few hours at best.


Are betting offers available on mobile betting apps?

Yes, of course. Apps are just a replication of the bookmaker’s desktop version, and almost every leading cricket betting app will provide all the betting offers as the website.


Can we claim welcome bonuses for both sports betting and casino at the same time?

In most cases, no, you’ll not be able to, as a majority of the betting sites allow you to claim only one of the welcome bonus offers.


CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

We hope you find this guide to the best betting offers in India helpful. These bonuses act like padding to your betting wallet, which means you should take complete advantage of such promotions to beef up your winnings. However, ensure you’re claiming these from only reputed and trustworthy betting sites and avoid unknown bookmakers with no documented betting background or history.

More importantly, read the terms and conditions thoroughly to derive maximum value from your bets. And as always, bet safely and responsibly!

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