Today’s Cricket Betting Tips and Top Cricket Prediction Sites (2022)

Cricket Betting Tips & Match Prediction Sites

Here, we provide you with today’s match predictions and our analysis of what could go down during the game. All match previews from CBA are written by our cricket experts, who follow and stay on top of important matches happening around the world.

  • Along with that, we give you our 100% free cricket betting tips so you can turn a profit.
  • The match prediction sites we’ve compiled in this report usually make their analyses live within 48 hours leading up to the game, giving you enough time to place pre-match bets. However, for some action-packed leagues like the IPL and the T20 World Cup, this may not be possible as last-minute results need to be factored in to make a prediction.
  • That said, our goal is to cover as many matches as possible.

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Cricket Betting Tips

For our match previews, we try and cover the top cricket tournaments happening across the globe. In addition to predicting the match winner, we also provide free cricket betting tips for particular markets we think will be profitable. Along with all this, we also point you towards the best odds available on that market and the bookmaker offering it.

For example, in our Bangladesh vs Pakistan betting guide, we had predicted a 3-0 victory for Pakistan in the T20Is, as well as Mohammad Rizwan emerging as the highest run-getter from Pakistan. Eventually, Rizwan was announced ‘Player of The Series’.

We are bound by one objective: to help you make the best cricket prediction in the world. The match prediction sites we’ve covered below should help you forecast match outcomes more accurately and bet on likely winners across markets (for example, Highest Opening Partnership, Most Sixes/Fours, and Top Team Batsman/Bowler).

8 Top Match Prediction Sites in India

We’ve listed those websites we think are the very best at what they do. You can always turn to them for cricket betting tips as well as for cricket betting analysis, which will help you place an informed wager. We also happen to think that these make some of the best cricket predictions in the world.

Match Prediction Site #1:

  • What it offers: Cricket betting tips | Recent match results | Match previews | FAQs

Match Prediction Site #2:

  • What it offers: Betting guide | Betting sites | Live streaming | Top tournaments | T20 predictions | Dream11 predictions | Cricket betting tips | FAQs

Match Prediction Site #3:

  • What it offers: Bookie guides | Free bets | Casino guides | Insights | Cricket betting tips | Tipsters’ community

Match Prediction Site #4: Cricket World

  • What it offers: Live scores | Live streaming | Upcoming cricket series | Cricket betting tips | Match predictions | Latest cricketing news | County cricket match previews

Match Prediction Site #5: BettingTop10

  • What it offers: Bookmaker reviews | Cricket betting apps | Cricket predictions | Cricket betting tips | UPI/PhonePe/Paytm/GPay betting sites

Match Prediction Site #6:

  • What it offers: Betting site reviews | Cricketing news | Live betting | Cricket betting tips | Today’s match prediction & analysis | Promotions and bonuses

Match Prediction Site #7: BettingPro

  • What it offers: Live streaming | Betting guides | Cricket betting tips | Eclectic range of sports | Correct score prediction tips | Latest sports news | Live odds | Today’s match prediction

Match Prediction Site #8: Criclines

  • What it offers: Todays’ match predictions | Live scores

Essential Cricket Betting Tips

There’s a lot more to cricket betting than just guesswork. While you can always fall back on the best cricket prediction sites listed above, there’s no substitute for doing your research and developing a solid understanding of how to bet on cricket.

That out of the way, here are five cricket betting tips that’ll probably never fail you:

Do Your Homework

The idea is to factor in all the information that can impact match outcome. Keep track of the teams and last-minute updates. For instance, is there any crucial player from the rival camp who’s forced to sit out because of injury? Is an opening batsman returning from a break, and therefore may not be at the top of his game?

Check the two teams’ recent form, H2H records, recent rivalries, scoring patterns, upcoming schedule, and so on. The line between a winning and a losing bet is thin; the more knowledge you have, the higher your chances of winning.

Keep Your Emotions in Check

It’s natural to get carried away when your favourite team is playing. A victory from the jaws of defeat or an upsetting loss triggers emotion, and that’s alright. But only if you’re a spectator, not a punter.

That’s because in sports betting, getting attached to a result you want to happen can cloud your judgement, lead you to place a wrong bet, and eventually, hurt your bankroll. When you’re betting, consider facts and only facts.

Look Out for the Best Odds

This cricket betting tip is, of course, a no-brainer. If you’re ready to place a bet, ensure you do so on the most competitive odds in the market. Betting on prohibitive odds doesn’t make any financial sense, so you’ll want to avoid that.

However, if it’s a really lopsided contest, it’ll be challenging to find good prices in standard markets (Match Winner, for example). In that case, try exploring other unconventional markets (Top Team Batsman/Bowler or First Dismissal Method, for example). Remember that your understanding of the sport itself will be tested here.

Weather Matters

The elements have a massive influence on match outcome. Here’s how:

    • Australia, England, and New Zealand have always been a safe haven for pacers who can get the ball to swing, courtesy of the wind and mostly overcast skies.
    • On the other hand, the Indian subcontinent – comprising India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka – usually favours spinners more. At venues in these countries, evening dew often has a telling impact on match outcome.
    • Overcast conditions with a little wind blowing sets the stage for the fast bowlers (especially those who can swing the ball in the air), whereas a dry, sunny day gets the best out of spinners and batsmen.

So Does Venue

Don’t overlook home advantage. Of course, many teams manage to remain unfazed and put up a spectacular performance overseas. But certain crowds can get intimidating and unsettle even the best of teams on a particular day.

Does your preferred team play better at a specific venue? For that, you’ll have to know if the pitch is usually a batting or a bowling wicket, which you can find out by – and this takes us back to the basics again – putting in the legwork.

NOTE: If you’re a beginner, you may not know the intricacies of the sport. It isn’t difficult to get the hang of cricket; however, there are a few aspects to it you should thoroughly understand before betting. In this scenario, we recommend you follow cricket betting tips from match prediction sites.

Cricket Betting Tips and Match Prediction Sites FAQs

Where can I get cricket betting tips?

In this article, we’ve talked about the best cricket prediction sites offering cricket betting tips. But if you were to ask us to single out a few, we’d go with and

What do match previews from Cricket Betting Advice include?

Match predictions on CBA cover:

  • Match winner
  • Cricket betting tips (our recommendations and their odds)
  • Compilation of betting odds from multiple bookies
  • Toss prediction
  • Dream11 predictions
  • And of course, recommended cricket betting sites to bet on the match

How accurate are the best cricket prediction sites?

While we vouch for the match prediction sites in this article, please remember that cricket (and every other sport) is dynamic, and at its core, unpredictable. Some results will go as forecast, but there will always be those occasional upsets happening. After all, that’s what sports is all about.
While cricket betting tips can definitely help, a winning wager depends primarily on three factors: how the teams/players perform on matchday, your research and knowledge of the game, and luck.

What are some of the best bookmakers to use my cricket betting tips?

While we have covered the top 10 in this article, our top recommendations have to be bet365, Betway, 10Cric, and 1xBet.

Do you recommend paid bookmakers more?

Absolutely not. No bookmaker can pay its way to our list. Before recommending, we test a betting site ourselves to ensure it’s not a scam, offers competitive odds, and allows for a safe and rewarding experience.

How is pre-match betting different from live betting?

Pre-match cricket bets, as the name indicates, can only be placed up until the toss. On the other hand, in-play or live betting goes on as long as the match. We think the latter is undoubtedly more exciting, considering you can follow live action and place more informed bets in real time.

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What payment and deposit methods are available to me?

We have explored the safest betting payment methods in India, along with the pros and cons of each.

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

Our cricket betting tips, while generic, are instrumental to wagering on any match. The match prediction sites listed in this article are among the best in the country and should make it easier for you to place your bets across markets.

That said, nothing is probably as crucial as you putting in your own research. Remember that even the best cricket prediction in the world has its limitations simply because anything can happen on matchday – hence why your understanding of the game is so vital. And last but not least, never forget that luck always plays a role where betting is concerned.

Always remember to bet responsibly!

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