The Latest IPL Offers, Free Bets & No Deposit Bonuses (2022)

The Different Types of IPL Offers

Most of the best cricket betting apps and sites use the IPL season to give out special IPL offers to make it easier for newer customers to get into betting while offering loyal bettors the advantage to bet bigger.

The exact technicalities of IPL bonus and betting offers vary across bookmakers, but their underlying features are basically the same.
Let’s have a look at some of the most common and lucrative IPL offers provided by most bookmakers:

Cashback Offer

One of the most common offers during IPL matches, the cashback/moneyback offer gives you a part of the bet money back in the event you lose your bet, making it all the more lucrative to place bets.

How it works is, for example, if you bet on Virat Kohli to score more than 50 runs in a match and he ends up scoring lesser than that, you’ll get back some of the money you lost on the bet.

Some betting sites also offer a 100% money-back guarantee, but that’s a once in a blue moon event.

Betway free bet offer

Free Bet Offer

A great incentive for new punters, a free bet is usually given by betting sites during the sign-up process or special events like the IPL. With IPL free bets, you get to bet on a match without worrying about losing any of your own money since you’ll be betting for free.

For example, if you use your free bet on your favorite team to win the match, but they end up losing it, you’ll incur no loss. But if your team wins the game, you’ll win the pot money without putting a single rupee in it.

There are certain caveats for these IPL offers placed by bookmakers, like betting within a time limit or in limited markets, but nonetheless, free bets are a brilliant way to get into betting.

Boosted Odds Offer

Odds boost offer is accessible to all customers, mainly occurring during high-octane tournaments like the IPL match. Basically, bookies will increase the odds of a specific market to encourage bettors to bet more actively.

Let’s say you’d win ₹500 on a normal ₹100 wager with odds of 5.00. If those odds are boosted to 8.00, that same wager could win you ₹800. This way, you wouldn’t lose any extra money while increasing your chances of earning more.

IPL No Deposit Bonus Offer

No deposit IPL offers are one of the best IPL offers to make money with the least risk. A no deposit offer involves giving free betting cash to the bettor without any minimum deposit requirements.

It’s a rare occurrence. So, if you come across an offer like this, quickly jump on it.
This bonus is offered as a specific amount of cash or a certain number of free bets topped into your account after registering on the betting website.

Usually, IPL offers like the no deposit bonus have a lot of stipulations attached to them, but then it’s worth the advantage these offers provide, making them one of the best betting offers for punters.

There are plenty of betting markets in a sport as diverse as cricket. However, there are certain popular markets for every format and series, and we have listed the most popular and lucrative betting markets for IPL, here below:

  • Man of the match: The market holds high significance across all cricket formats, and involves placing bets on the player who is most likely to perform the best during the match and be declared as the ‘Man of the Match’.
  • Overall winner: The overall winner market is for betting on the team who will win the tournament or series. The results for this market are decided at the very end of the tournament, giving you the option to bet on these odds at any time during the entire season. It is one of the most active betting markets and is a good option to experiment with, especially for first-time bettors who want to observe some matches before making any bets.
  • Coin toss winner: A coin toss has a 50-50 chance of going either way and hence is one of the most common bets that punters go for to start their day of betting. The odds are the same for either outcome in this market.

The Top Creative IPL Betting Markets

IPL spawns a lot of different betting markets as many punters try to make the most out of their bets. These unique and niche markets can result in a high-risk, high-reward situation if played right. Here are some of the top creative betting markets that will boost your adrenaline and add more excitement to your betting experience:

  • Total runs scored by a team in the first 10 overs: This betting market lets you predict if the team will score more than or less than a certain number of runs in the first 10 overs.
  • Player of your choice scores 50 runs or above: Players in T20 cricket do score centuries, but they are more likely to get a half-century, and this market lets you bet on exactly that threshold.
  • Total wickets taken by a team in the match: This market lets you bet on the event of how many wickets a team might take during the course of the match.

Head over to bet365 for more creative betting markets

IPL Offers FAQs

1️⃣ Which sites and apps have the best IPL offers for betting?

Cricket Betting Advice

2️⃣ Do IPL welcome bonuses need you to deposit money on the site?

Most welcome bonuses require you to put a certain minimum amount of money to get the offers promised by the bookmaker. In most cases, you simply need to register on the website and make the minimum deposit to avail of the offer.

Cricket Betting Advice

3️⃣ Are there any limitations to free bets?

Free bets are usually limited to a certain amount of money or a few specific markets. However, the actual terms and conditions vary across every betting site so ensure you check the wagering requirements when you get your hands on such offers.

Cricket Betting Advice

4️⃣ What are the most profitable betting markets for the IPL?

It is not wise to categorise a betting market as the most profitable in broad terms. Betting market profitability is a very subjective matter, and depends a lot on the bettor’s risk appetite and betting knowledge.

However, markets like the match-winner and the man of the match winner are very active markets, and attract a lot of participation from bettors.

Cricket Betting Advice

Cricket Betting Advice Final Say

The excitement of betting on IPL matches is further fuelled when IPL offers come into the picture. The IPL special offers and bonuses provided by bookies are an excellent incentive for new customers to start their betting journey and experienced punters to reap the benefits to maximise their profits.

You can easily find these offers on the betting site homepage or on the promotions tab of their websites. So, don’t miss out on these offers when you bet on IPL matches!

IPL 2022 will start on 26th March, 2022.

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