The Biggest India Lottery Winners of All Time (2022)

Biggest Lottery Winners in India

Over the years, plenty of lucky Indians have managed to hit a life-altering big break playing the lottery. Here are 10 of the biggest lottery winners in India.

#1 Mr. Das – The Rickshaw Millionaire

A rickshaw owner from Guskara, West Bengal can thank a bout of bad weather for changing his life. Upon the cancellation of a workers’ union picnic due to bad weather, Mr. Gaur Das reluctantly purchased a ticket on his way home. The very next day, he cashed it in for a mammoth ₹35 lakh!

#2 Local PowerBall Triumph

In 2008, housewife Saraswati entered the local state-run lottery approved by the Sikkim State. The Rajshree PowerBall Lotto game provided Saraswati with a tidy jackpot of ₹1.5 Crore.

This was one of the biggest payouts ever by a Sikkim State lottery known for its large jackpots!

#3 3x the Charm

Winning the lottery is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence – some never manage to land a win at all. But one lucky man managed to defeat the odds a staggering three times. Yes, you read that right! RP Manoharan managed 3 big lotto wins in just one year. His first win paid out ₹65 Lakh, and his next two wins were worth ₹70 Lakh each.

Manoharan, who plays the lotto fairly often, is living proof that if you want to be one of the biggest lottery winners in India, you have to be in it to win it!

#4 Big Heart – Big Winner

In certainly one of the most heart-warming stories and maybe the most deserving of the biggest lottery winners in India, the life of 22-year-old Mojiful Sheikh was forever changed with a ₹1 Crore jackpot win.

After moving to Kerala to seek work in order to help his family, Sheikh began a construction job that saw him earning very little. Desperate to save money for a home to live in, and knowing his wages weren’t going to cut it, he bought a lottery ticket that turned out to be worth ₹1 Crore!

We can imagine Mojiful and his family are enjoying life to the maximum now that they are among the biggest lottery winners in India.

#5 The First Lottery Crorepati

Back in 2002, 35-year-old M. Bensraj took part in the 14th Playwin Sikkim Super Lotto draw, India’s very first online lottery. By landing a winning jackpot prize of ₹5.2 Crore, Bensraj not only became one of the biggest lottery winners in the country, but also the first Crorepati from an online lottery in India.

#6 Youngest Winner

In 2017, a Mumbai local, Akshit Kumar Jain, became the youngest jackpot winner of the Playwin Thunder Ball Jackpot. The 96th winner of the jackpot prize, Jain received a giant ₹2.83 Crore payday!

Jain joined over 90 other Crorepatis and over 5000 Lakhpatis blessed by Playwin over 15 years of gaming. However, only Jain can claim the title of being the youngest of the biggest lottery winners in India.

#7 Instant Crorepati

Lingaraju D was a retired health inspector from Bengaluru when he entered the Lotto247. The 68-year-old was shocked to find out he had won ₹3.8 Crore. If he had matched the mega ball, he would have won almost ₹2551 Crore!

With his winnings, Lingaraju was certainly able to enjoy a very comfortable retirement.

#8 The Patels – Mumbai Millionaires

It’s no exaggeration to say that ₹8 Crore would change your life quite dramatically. Well, that’s how much Ashok and Kirti Patel won in 2008. It’s possibly the biggest lottery win in Mumbai history – from a single lotto ticket, no less!

#9 The 6-man Syndicate

Imagine if you and your best friends went and bought a lottery ticket together, only to end up hitting the jackpot. This is exactly what happened to six friends from Kerala. In 2019, six salesmen working in a jewellery shop won the grand prize of ₹12 Crore – and it only cost them ₹600 each!

Although these friends went on to become some of the the biggest lottery winners in India, they still chose to remain working at the jewellery shop. However, we’re sure they are putting their winnings to good use.

#10 New Year Winner

Porunnan Rajan won a huge ₹12 Crore by entering the Kerala Christmas New Year Bumper, putting him among the first biggest lottery winners in India for 2021.

World’s Biggest Lottery Winners

Now that we’ve discussed the biggest lottery winners in India, you’re probably wondering if the wins are as equally astounding abroad. While European prizes are similar to those in India, the United States has dropped some utterly insane prizes – literally billions of US dollars!

Here are three of the world’s biggest lottery winners:

“Sunny” in California

22-year-old “Sunny” was working and living in California, U.S.A. He decided to spend $4 (₹290) of scratch card winnings to make 4 entries into the Mega Millions lottery.

That small investment resulted in a whopping payout of $61 million (₹443 Crore). He had to split the winnings with another lucky individual, but still walked away with a cool $30.5 million (₹218 Crore).

Student Crorepati

Imagine being lucky enough to move from India to study engineering in Chicago, U.S.A and win the US Powerball jackpot to boot. Lucky Indian native, Nirmal Dhamodarasamy, pulled off such a feat at the tender age of 23. In 2016, Nirmal let a lottery service pick numbers at random, with the very first one landing a jackpot of $1 million (₹7.2 Crore)!

He was only one number away from the Power Ball, too.

The Biggest Lottery Prize in History

We really couldn’t omit mentioning the mysterious winners of the world’s largest jackpot lottery. Back in 2016, a truly monstrous $1.5 billion (₹10939 Crore) was shared between 3 lucky Mega Millions players in the U.S. There are many myths and stories surrounding how the lucky winners choose to spend their huge winnings, but we can only imagine what we would do with such a prize.

How to Join the Biggest Lottery Winners in India

There are a few different ways to actually take part in a lottery. Sure, you could simply purchase a single-entry ticket, but there are other ways of taking part. To increase your chances of being one of the biggest lottery winners in India, consider these entry methods below.


Syndicate lottery betting is where many individuals collectively bet on a particular lottery. You basically buy into the syndicate and receive a proportionate share of any winnings. The benefit here is that since there are many members choosing lottery lines, there is a higher chance of winning.


The bundle is a mixture of a personal entry and your syndicate entry. That means you get to win a share of the prize if your syndicate numbers win. However, if your personal lines win, only you collect the prize. Your odds of winning increase in a lottery bundle, which is arguably the most valuable way to play lotteries online in India.

Biggest Lottery Winners in India FAQs

What are the best lottery betting sites in India?

Many betting sites in India provide online lotteries, and there are a load of dedicated lottery sites as well. However, we think that Lotto247, Lottoland, and are among the very best for those wanting to be among the biggest lottery winners in India. They also happen to offer other great features and a range of accepted payment methods.

What was the biggest lottery prize ever awarded?

The United States is currently the home to the biggest lottery prize ever awarded. In 2016, 3 individuals shared a prize worth ₹10939 Crore.

The short response is yes. State lotteries are legal but restricted to members of that state, while online lotteries are also legal, so long as they are based overseas.

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

Indian punters have access to both local and international lotteries online. Betting sites offer plenty of international lotteries that have rewarded some of the biggest lottery winners in history. Whether a local state-run lottery or a Mega Millions in the U.S, Indians have a plethora of lotto options to chase the Crorepati dream!

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