Most Profitable Cricket Betting Markets (2022)

What Are Cricket Betting Markets?

Cricket betting markets refer to the variety of bets on offer by betting sites for every match.

Each market is based on some unique elements or probable outcome of the match, which the bookmakers decide based on the players’ performance in the recent past. The bookmakers analyse which events in a cricket match you would like to bet on and accordingly develop cricket betting markets.

However, bookmakers propose unique betting markets when it comes to the top cricket tournaments and the best cricket leagues, as these games are highly sought-after, and punters always look to bet more actively on these.

Why Should You Read About Cricket Betting Markets?

The global sports betting market is valued at more than $85 billion. According to a report by Statista, the industry’s market size will reach $92.9 billion by the end of 2023. During major cricket tournaments and events, such as the Indian Premier League, India’s number of active sports bettors regularly exceeds 370 million. As estimated in 2021, the local sports betting market was valued at over $1.2 billion, with the vast majority of the revenue of these betting sites coming from cricket bettors.

Now, we know that there’s a process to betting on cricket. Each cricket betting market projects different odds and learning about them will help you bet on the markets best suited for your risk appetite. Moreover, knowing how various cricket betting markets operate enables you to study the factors that influence that market and improve your betting success rate.

It doesn’t matter which cricket betting app you choose; the fundamentals of these betting markets remain the same.

Best Cricket Betting Markets, Explained

We have researched and listed the most popular cricket betting markets for you, along with our take on how to bet on that market.

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1. Match Winner

Dafabet Cricket market

What is it?

This cricket betting market is compulsorily available for every match. A variation on the match result market (which also has ‘draw’ as an option to wager on), the match-winner market is one of the simplest to understand and play.

As the name suggests, you must predict which team will win the match. Note that if the game ends in a draw, your bet would be considered void. The team with the higher odds is the underdog, while the team carrying shorter odds is expected to win.

  • Most cricket betting sites have a dedicated team to develop markets and their odds. Some even use algorithms and modern software for the same. So, human intervention and the resultant understanding of the market may sometimes be missing. And that is where you can capitalise.
  • For instance, the odds of Team A winning a match are 1.71, and that of Team B is 2.20. The odds indicate that the probability of Team B winning is lower than Team A, thus the higher odds.
  • There is a high chance that Team A will win, but that shouldn’t be the only determinant. Factor in the H2H records, outcomes of recent matches, and the two teams’ performance on that pitch as that will enable you to place an informed bet.

2. Toss Winner

Parimatch toss winner

What is it?

The toss-winner market is the simplest one, and it frankly doesn’t require any calculation or science. You just bet on the toss, which is as arbitrary as it can get, considering either team captain has a 50-50 chance of winning the toss. The market also reflects that, with the same odds for both teams.

  • Betting on this market is solely based on luck. Both the captains have an equal chance of winning the toss, therefore there’s no real advice for this cricket betting market. However, we suggest that if you get a free bet, you can always use that for these kinds of markets, where the scope of analysis and projection is next to nil.

3. Outright Winner

Betway Series Winner

What is it?

Sometimes referred to as the Series Winner market, this one requires you to predict which team would win the whole series/tournament and not just a match. Of course, you’d have your favourites heading into a particular contest, but you should never let your bias creep in.

  • If it’s a lopsided contest where one team is exceptionally stronger than the other, you can rest on past records to predict the outright winner.
  • In addition, you should look at the team lineups and the recent performances of individual players.
  • Remember, it is relatively easy to predict this market in a bilateral series, like the upcoming England vs India or the ongoing West Indies vs Bangladesh series.
  • However, it requires laser-sharp betting analysis and research in trilateral series, major tournaments like the ICC World Cup, or other top-tier domestic leagues like the IPL or the Big Bash.

4. Top Batsman

1st innings on 10cric

What is it?

Widely available across matches, this cricket betting market comes to life when a particular game will see a host of top batters take the field. And as the name suggests, you have to correctly call who the highest run-scorer would be in a game.

Now, remember that this market could have two variants. One is the top team batsman, where you must predict which batter would score the maximum number of runs from his team. And the other is the top batsman for the entire match, where you will bet on the batter you think will emerge as the highest run-scorer from both teams.

Of course, this cricket betting market is a common feature for tournaments as well, where you predict who’d be the most prolific run-scorer in the whole tournament/league.

As you can understand, this is not the easiest market to ace, and predicting correctly can become even more difficult if you are betting on a match between two heavyweights.

  • The game format is integral to calling this market correctly. While some batters may have set themselves apart in Tests, they might not be up to the mark in the other two formats (ODI and T20Is). So, we advise you to keep track of batting records across these three major formats.
  • Secondly, check the pitch report before the game starts, as some batsmen can play their natural game better on certain wickets. For example, Indian batters generally tend to become run machines on spin-friendly tracks but can sometimes falter on pitches that have good bounce and carry. That said, please don’t make this a rule of thumb as more and more Indians have been performing brilliantly on seam-friendly tracks of late.
  • Tracking players’ performances over the course of a few games will give you a fair idea of how the batter is adapting to the pitch conditions.
  • Importantly, you’ve got to stay on top of the game, whether it’s your team or any other. And some of the best cricket live score sites and apps will help you do just that.

5. To Score a Century

What is it?

This cricket betting market is designed to allow you to bet on the player you think will score a ton in the game.

  • Of course, the batsman’s form is the primary indicator of his potential to score a 100 in the game.
  • Sure, there will be those occasional out-of-the-blue knocks from batters whom you’d least expect to score a ton, but that’s a rarity. Nine times out of ten, an in-form batsman is the best candidate for acing this cricket betting market. And this is where you have to do your research.
  • Also, factor in the game format before placing your bet. Scoring a 100 in a Test is the likeliest, followed by ODIs and T20s.
  • That said, prolific run-machines like KL Rahul and Jos Buttler have smacked multiple centuries in a single season of the IPL, so that aberration will always be there.

6. Top Wicket Taker

Top Wicket taker on Casumo

What is it?

Available across formats, the top wicket-taker market lets you wager on the bowler you think would take the most number of wickets in a particular match.

This cricket betting market is also available for entire tournaments and series.

  • A bowler’s performance depends much on the format and the country/venue of the match. For example, in England and Australia, the tracks are seam-friendly with good bounce and carry (therefore better for pacers and medium-fast bowlers). In contrast, Indian wickets tend to favour spinners more.
  • A lot of it also depends on the weather. For instance, if a T20 is held in Mumbai, Sydney, or any other coastal city at night, the dew factor comes into play. Dew adds moisture to the pitch, making lives difficult for bowlers. In these situations, you’ve got to think accordingly (and perhaps go for spinners instead of pacers when betting on this market).
  • Also, always go through the players’ past records and bowling stats before entering this cricket betting market.

7. Method of 1st Dismissal

First wicket screenshot on 1xbet

What is it?

Another fan-favourite cricket betting market that involves betting on how the first wicket in the match will fall. The options you get are caught, bowled, stumped, run out, and LBW.

  • Although winning in this cricket betting market requires luck, it helps to study the playing style of the bowler and the batsman in this case.
  • More importantly, you must know beforehand which bowler and batter would be opening the innings for their teams, respectively. For example, if a team is mainly fielding pacers with just one spinner, chances are the first wicket would never be through stumping. Here, your decision-making becomes relatively easier.
  • Another seemingly modest but vital determinant, make no mistake, is the match format. For example, in a Test match, it is far less likely for the first wicket to be a caught or a run-out, simply because a batsman would take his own sweet time to settle at the wicket. Therefore, his chances of going for that rash single or attempting a heave wide outside the off stump will be much lesser than ODIs and T20s.
  • Similarly, suppose you have a left-arm outswinger bowling to a left-hander in an ODI. In that case, the chances of the first dismissal being caught by the wicketkeeper increase dramatically.
  • Also, carefully look at the field set by the bowler to understand how he’s planning to bowl to the batters.

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8. Man of the Match

What is it?

A player is adjudged man of the match (MoM) who is considered to have contributed the most to his team in a particular game. It can be the highest run-scorer, the best bowler, or even an exceptional fielder. More often than not, the MoM is given to a player from the winning team, but there have been multiple exceptions over the years.

Betting on this cricket betting market is fun but requires a thorough understanding of the players’ recent performances.

  • The trend in this cricket betting market is that the batters usually walk home with the MoM award, but that’s not to say bowlers don’t.
  • If someone takes wickets at strategic intervals and thwarts the batting side’s march to victory, the title could very well go to him. And we have seen so many instances of that happening.
  • It would help if you prepared a shortlist of contenders and studied their overall performance before placing bets on the man of the match.
  • Ideally, steer clear of this cricket betting market in Test matches, as there could be so many players who step up and put up a brilliant show over the five days.

9. Draw No Bet

What is it?

Probably one of the safest and best cricket betting markets, considering there’s relative security to your stake when you place a Draw No Bet (DNB). It eliminates the option of a draw from a wager, allowing you to bet on a home win or an away win.

If your selection wins, you win your bet. However, if the match ends in a draw, your stake would be refunded, so you neither win nor lose. Of course, you lose your bet if your selection loses.

Thus, even though the odds of a draw no bet are lower than match winner and final result markets, the risk is less too. And that’s the trade-off you’re settling for.

  • Go for this cricket betting market if you deem the chances of a draw are high. Therefore, Test matches are best suited for a Draw No Bet.

Are There Cricket Betting Markets You Should Avoid?

When it comes to variety in cricket betting markets, the more, the merrier. However, there are a few that we suggest you steer clear of simply because either they’re too complex and require almost superhuman prediction prowess or are plain speculation-based with no room for application or analysis.

Understand that you will always need a sprinkling of luck to win any bet. But at CBA, we encourage you to bet on markets that aren’t solely driven by conjecture and speculation.

The following is a list of some markets we’d advise you to keep off:

  • Total runs to be scored (Even/Odd)
  • Runs off the 1st/2nd/3rd… deliveries: (Over/Under)
  • First/second innings total runs: (O/U)
  • First/second innings ‘X’ over total runs: (O/U)

There are many more that can feature on this list. This is simply to give you an idea of the kind of cricket betting markets to avoid.

Cricket Betting Markets For Tests

The range of markets for betting on Test matches has significantly expanded in recent times, especially with online cricket betting picking up pace. Apart from the traditional ones, there are now multiple in-play betting or other statistical bets, including first innings lead, opening partnership, and to score a 100.

The following are cricket betting markets tailored for the longest format of the game:

  • First innings lead
    You bet on the side you think will be in the lead at the end of the two teams’ first innings.
  • Highest opening partnership
    You bet on the team you think will stitch the highest partnership for the opening wicket.
  • To score a century
    Here, you bet on the batsman you think will score a ton.
  • Top batsman (1st innings)
    As the name suggests, you predict which batsman will be the top scorer for his team at the end of the first innings.

Cricket Betting Markets For ODIs

One Day Internationals enjoy a massive following among betting enthusiasts, and bookmakers come up with tailored markets to cater to ODI loyalists. Interest generally intensifies by the time the World Cup or other top-tier matches come around, but you have an array of ODI cricket betting markets throughout the year.

The following are cricket betting markets tailored for 50-over games:

  • Over/under ‘X’ runs/wickets
    Over/under cricket betting markets usually refer to the projected combined runs (scored by both teams) in a game. However, this can also relate to the total wickets taken in the match.Factor in the pitch report, H2H records, and matches in the recent past between the two teams in question to make an informed bet.
  • First dismissal method
    We have explained this cricket betting market in detail above. A quick recap, in this case, you predict how the first wicket of the match would fall – caught, bowled, stumped, run-out, or LBW.
  • Team to score most 4s/6s
    Here, you bet on the team you think will hit the most 6s/4s in the game. Simple.
  • A century to be scored
    This market is fairly simple too. You just predict (yes or no) whether there will be at least one 100 scored in the game.

Cricket Betting Markets For T20Is

The T20 format wasn’t taken too seriously in the beginning, but when it finally caught on with the first-ever T20 World Cup in 2007, there has been no looking back since. Over the years, the shortest format has become a hit among cricket betting buffs.

  • A fifty to be scored
    A half-century is much more common than a 100 in the shortest format. In this market, you simply bet on whether a fifty will be scored (yes or no) in the match.
  • Total 4s/6s in the match
    This is an over/under cricket betting market, where you bet on whether the total 4s/6s in the match would be over or under the limit given by the betting site.
  • ‘Team’ Total 4s/6s
    This is also an over/under market, where you simply bet on whether your selection will hit more than or less than the limit given by the betting site.

Best Cricket Betting Markets FAQs

Do all bookmakers offer the same cricket betting markets?

The cricket betting markets explained above are the most popular, and they’re available across all leading bookmakers. The naming may vary, but the fundamentals remain the same. That said, betting sites try and include certain additional markets unique only to them to attract more punters. Therefore, not all markets are present on every site.


Which are the best sites for cricket betting?

In order to rank among the best, betting sites focus on providing competitive odds and variety in markets. In addition, the site must be reliable, secure, and easy to navigate. Considering these factors together, the top three cricket betting sites for us are 10CRIC, bet365, and Betway.


Do mobile betting apps provide live streaming services?

Live streaming is an integral feature of cricket betting nowadays, allowing enthusiasts to bet from anywhere while watching a game. India’s leading betting apps support live cricket streaming as a standard feature without any charges.


Are there cricket betting markets I can bet on while a match is in progress?

Yes, of course. These are called live betting markets, and you can find them listed separately on the betting site.


CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

Now that you know about the top cricket betting markets, get going and explore betting in new markets. As always, we advise you to select value over everything else while placing bets.

Be safe, bet safe!

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