Coin Toss Prediction Betting Guide

What is a Cricket Toss?

The cricket toss is a time-honoured tradition of this game marked by a coin flip in the air. The visiting captain predicts the coin toss result and the winning captain gets to choose which of the teams will bat first.

The coin toss is also a part of the first Laws of Cricket that were written by the founders of the present-day Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) in 1744. The MCC, popularly known as the Lord’s stadium, has continued to remain the custodian of these laws.

Top Bookmakers’ Toss Prediction Odds – Compared

Below, we’ve taken a look at the odds the best bookies in the business typically offer for the toss prediction market.

While the difference is minor, if you envision yourself betting on this market consistently it obviously makes more sense to go with the bookies that offer less of a house edge.

When does it happen?

The coin toss marks the beginning of every cricket match and takes place half an hour before the game is scheduled to begin. Believe it or not, millions of true cricket followers consider the toss event, and not the first ball of the over, as the commencement of play. No wonder that the toss prediction market is the most active betting markets worldwide.

Best Toss Prediction Strategy

As cricket bettors, you must ensure that your betting strategies cover the element of toss predictions too. The result of who will win the toss today cannot be predicted, but you should attempt to predict what the captain might choose if they win the toss.

You must pay close attention to the toss event as it is important in deciding the match outcome, and also because its one of the top cricket betting markets in terms of popularity and returns.

It requires a lot of cricket knowledge and on-the-feet thinking to strategise how captains may act if they win the toss. Here are some effective tips on how to make coin toss predictions and make the most of your time while betting in this market:

Pay attention to the squad sheets

The captains exchange their squad sheets right before the toss where the final team lineup is declared. The team lineup reveals the intent and mindset with which the team is approaching the game.

Factors like the number of spinners, all-rounders, pacers, and who is the opening batsmen, are some details mentioned on the squad sheet. Experienced bettors use this knowledge to gauge the strategy of the team and, in turn, make their ‘toss prediction for today’s match’ verdict.

Captain’s call

You can make toss predictions by anticipating the general behaviour of captains during their previous toss decisions on the same pitch or against the same team, and consequently place your bets.

There are also captains who will always opt to bat or bowl no matter what the pitch conditions or opponent’s lineup. You can accordingly make bets on their selection if they win the toss.

What is the House Edge in Toss Predictions?

House edge is a term one typically associates with casino gambling, and rightly so, but it’s not something alien to sports betting. It is a part and parcel of sports betting, but not as widely discussed as in casino gambling.

House edge can be defined as the average profit percentage that the bookmaker earns from a betting market.

Take for example, the toss prediction market, where most bookmakers offer odds in the range of 1.80-1.90.

The most interesting aspect of this market is that the odds for either outcome are the same since it is an equal outcome event.

For understanding how to calculate the house edge, we shall assume the odds for the toss prediction market to be 1.90.

  • Toss prediction is a pure luck-based event, and has only two outcomes, each with a probability of 50% occurrence.
  • Let’s assume there are an equal number of bets for both outcomes. 100 bets of ₹100 each for heads and 100 bets of ₹100 each for tails. However, outcome will be either heads or tails.
  • Total bet amount for the toss prediction market= ₹20,000 (₹10,000 for heads and ₹10,000 for tails)
  • Considering odds of ₹1.90, bookmaker has to pay ₹19,000 against bets of ₹10,000 to the winners, whatever be the outcome. Whereas, the losers do not get anything and lose their money to the bookmaker.
  • Total inflow of bookmaker is ₹20,000 and total outflow is ₹19,000, resulting in a profit of ₹1,000.
  • House edge= Profit/Total bets. Therefore, in this case, the bookmaker has a house edge of 5% in the toss prediction market.

Who Will Win the Toss Today? Predicting the Coin Toss

Given the popularity of the cricket toss prediction market, the first thing which comes to your mind when you want to bet on this market is ‘Who will win the toss today’ or rather ‘Who can predict the toss’?

There are only two possibilities in a coin toss. The heads side appearing up or the tails side, with both events having 0.5 probability of occurrence. The coin toss is a pure luck event, and the true and only answer to who can predict the toss is that nobody can.

Not you, not captains, not cricket experts, and of course not match referees.

Who conducts the cricket toss?

The toss is conducted on the cricket ground between the captains of the two teams in the presence of the match referee and umpires.

How does it work?

The captains of both teams meet on the ground half an hour before the match. They check the pitch conditions and exchange the squad sheets with each other. Once these ceremonials are completed, the toss is conducted.

The toss coin has two sides, heads and tails (no surprises here), and whichever captain predicts the correct toss result gets the chance to decide whether they want to bat or bowl first.

Traditionally, the home captain flips the coin while the visiting captain selects the coin side. The visiting captain must call their preferred choice, i.e., heads or tails, while the coin is in the air.

The match referee declares the result of the coin toss according to the side selected by the visiting captain and then asks the winner to immediately make their batting decision.

What kind of coin is used for the toss in cricket?

No special regulations here. The rule of thumb has been to use the currency coin of the host country. The only clear guideline is that one side of the coin should clearly indicate heads and the other tails.

However, there are certain cricketing occasions when match organisers mint coins to specially celebrate the occasion, such as Sachin Tendulkar’s 200th test match where a gold coin with the master blaster’s face was used for the coin toss.

In the Indian Premier League (IPL), specially minted gold coins with the IPL logo and the match details are used for every match.

Is Cricket Toss Important?

The order in which a team bats or bowls has a huge role in determining the outcome of the match. A toss win is the first step of turning the match in one’s favour. At the outset, it is important to acknowledge that the toss win is extremely important, but it alone does not guarantee a win.

It is how the captains capitalise on the toss win, plan the game, and use the playing conditions in their team’s favour that ultimately charts the road to victory.

Some open advantages of winning the toss:

  • Mindset plays a huge factor in cricket and winning the toss gives the psychological advantage of being in control from the very beginning.
  • In case of new pitches, it gives time to analyse the pitch by bowling first.
  • For pitches acclaimed for being batsmen or bowler-friendly, captains can take advantage of such conditions.
  • There are weather predictions before every match and captains can take advantage of the weather to turn the match in their favour. For example, if rain is predicted later during the day, the captain can opt to bat second as the DLS method will be used when it rains. The method is historically known to favour teams chasing the score.
  • According to data cited by ESPN, teams winning the toss have won 6% more matches than their opponents.

Can Toss Wins Influence Matches?

Every team prepares a strategy as to how they will play if they win the toss. A toss win basically gives the team an opportunity to start the match in the manner in which they want to. Whether their decision takes the right course or not depends on their planning and execution skills.

If captains analyse the pitch carefully and synchronise their lineup to take advantage of the pitch, then yes, toss wins can influence matches.

However, it is crucial to note that the toss advantage also varies across different formats of cricket. We have touched upon the impact of toss on different formats here below to assist you in better understanding on how to bet on cricket in the future:

Test Cricket

Test matches represent the original format of cricket where both teams slug it out for five consecutive days. Data suggests that teams winning the toss win matches 2.6% more often.

From a general betting perspective, you can presume that captains will choose to bat first in most cases. The reason being that the pitch deteriorates towards the end of the match, making the pitch a hunting ground for pacers and spinners alike.


One Day International Cricket (ODI) cricket

ODIs are day and night matches starting in the afternoon and continuing late in the night with 50 overs in each innings. Nowadays, even World Cup matches are held in this format.

The relevance of the toss win is higher in this format, with a 3.3% higher chance of victory by teams who win the toss.

The match is decided within a matter of few hours. There is very little room for strategy changes and the option to bat or bowl has to be taken after carefully analysing the past trends on the pitch, the type of pitch, and the weather conditions.

For example, if there are weather predictions of drizzle or dew in the night, the toss-winning team might prefer to bat second to take advantage of the bowling disadvantage posed by such weather. And, of course, the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses.


T20 cricket

The shortest format is surprisingly the least affected by toss wins, often making you wonder even more in T20 tournaments like the IPL with questions like ‘Who will win the IPL toss today?’.

The T20 format is all about smashing runs. Traditional cricket rules and techniques do not influence this format much.

Teams do not mind losing wickets or leaking runs as long as they have the arsenal to knock boundaries. That said, most captains prefer to chase the score in this format.


Best Toss Prediction Tips: Captains with the Highest Winning Coin Toss Percentage

IPL 2022 is right around the corner, and we are sure you are looking for IPL stats, such as captains with the best toss winning history to help you make a decision for the coin toss market this season.

To ace the toss prediction market, here is a list of the top three present IPL captains with the highest toss win percentage considering all IPL seasons.

Captain Team Toss Win % Match Win %
Shreyas Iyer Kolkata Knight Riders 58.54% (24/41) 51.22%
Chennai Super Kings 52.10% (99/190) 61.05%
Rohit Sharma
Mumbai Indians 49.61% (64/129) 58.14%

Toss Prediction FAQs

1️⃣ How significant has the toss been in World Cups?

Toss is an undoubtedly important part of the game, but as we said, it is not the sole winning factor in a cricket match. Only 46% of the teams that won the toss went on to win the matches played in the World Cup.

Cricket Betting Advice

2️⃣ Are cricket matches live streamed on mobile betting apps?

Of course! Almost all the best cricket betting apps live stream cricket matches. Livestreaming helps you watch the match and bet live on your favourite matches simultaneously from the same device.

Betting on mobile apps proves highly beneficial for IPL betting online where matches are held even on working days as the mobile apps let you bet from anywhere at any time.

Cricket Betting Advice

3️⃣ Which are some of the best betting sites for live cricket bets?

There are numerous bookmakers offering quality odds for cricket matches. However, if we scrutinise websites in terms of security, convenience, and features, then bet365, 10CRIC, and Betway feature on top of the list for best cricket betting sites.

Most leading websites also have blogs and articles which provide some of the best betting tips and match prediction insights.

Cricket Betting Advice

4️⃣ Can a bookmaker provide different odds for different teams in a toss prediction market?

Toss prediction is a pure luck event with equal odds for both teams. No legitimate bookmaker can predict the odds and offer different odds for the ‘Toss prediction for today’s match’ market. If you encounter such odds, there is either a technical glitch or a fraudulent intention from the bookmaker’s end.

In either case, we recommend you not to use the services of such bookmakers.

Cricket Betting Advice

5️⃣ Is the International Cricket Council (ICC) going to scrap the toss?

There have been some sections in the cricketing fraternity of the opinion that tosses should be scrapped as they promote inequality in the game. However, the ICC has not taken any step to scrap the toss, and all prominent cricketing bodies are still following the tradition. So, don’t worry yourself, the toss prediction market is up and available on all the leading cricket betting sites.

Cricket Betting Advice

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

Cricket toss prediction markets are an exciting way to start your cricket betting journey. You can use the results of cricket tosses to shape your overall betting strategy for the game and win exciting bets.

But remember, there is no real best toss prediction strategy. It is a pure luck event, and if you look at tosses in isolation, the result can never be predetermined. But, of course, like we said earlier, you can read up on both captain’s past decisions when they won the toss to give your toss prediction bet a certain direction instead of playing blind.

As always, we recommend you keep your betting fundamentals strong and always choose value over everything else while placing bets!

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