1xBet vs Bet365 Sport Betting Sites Comparison

Two of the most popular betting sites adored by punters worldwide. But which is better – 1xBet or Bet365?

In this 1xBet vs Bet365 comparative review, we’ll compare the two bookmakers against multiple parameters, which we think make a great betting site. And finally, we give our take on which of the two we think is better.

1xBet vs Bet365: Compared

Read any cricket betting review or ask an enthusiast about the 10 best cricket betting sites in India, and they’re almost sure to include Bet365 and 1xBet in their recommendations. Both have been in the business for long and enjoy an enviable customer base in India and worldwide.

So, you might ponder on the futility of such a juxtaposition when both operators are so popular and equally matched. Fortunately, or unfortunately, that’s not what the reality is. And you’ll get to know why as we delve deep into this 1xBet vs Bet365 comparison.

That said, before we start full-fledged, here’s a brief comparative snapshot of the features on offer at the two bookmakers.

Feature 1xBet Bet365
Welcome Offer ✔️ ✔️
INR ✔️ ✔️
Minimum deposit ₹80 (VISA/Mastercard) ₹350 (Skrill)
Minimum withdrawal time 15 minutes (ecoPayz) Within 12 hours (Neteller)
Live streaming ✔️ ✔️
Live betting ✔️ ✔️
Mobile app ✔️ ✔️

1xBet vs Bet365: Usability

User-friendliness is a crucial component of your betting experience, and it makes more sense to go with bookmakers whose websites are super comfortable and easy to use.

There are multiple factors that determine the user-friendliness of a betting site, such as the colour theme, homepage layout, and ease of navigation.

First, we take a look at Bet365.

  • Bet365 makes the cut with one of the most sophisticated and well-designed websites. Whether you are a seasoned punter or new to the online betting space, chances are you will like how the bookmaker has planned its website.
  • Be it the font size, colour theme, or the placement of the important buttons, Bet365 bags a full score for making a website that is appealing and, consequently, user-friendly.
  • It has a clean interface with distinctly segregated sections for the list of sports, live matches, in-play bets, and upcoming matches, all of which make it easy to navigate.

bet365 sports

(Screenshot taken on August 21, 2022, at 16:08 IST)

Now, 1xBet.

  • The Cyprus-based 1xBet still has some way to go before it can stake a claim in the user-friendliness department.
  • While immensely popular in India, 1xBet’s website looks cluttered and lacks the polish when it comes to the UI and overall design.
  • The colour selection is evidently dull, and the bookie has placed too many elements on the home page itself, which ultimately takes its toll on the on-page navigability.

1xbet matches


1xBet vs Bet365: Welcome Offer

Bookmakers put a lot of thought into creating their betting offers, as these serve as a tool to scale up their customer base. And this is where you capitalise. After all, who doesn’t like a handsome sports betting welcome bonus package when signing up!

Most of the bookies readily offer generous amounts for signing up with them, so make sure you do your research before registering.

  • 1xBet offers a 100% welcome bonus of up to ₹20,000 to all new punters. The bonus is provided as betting cash automatically credited into your betting account after the first deposit and should be used within 30 days of signing up.
  • Bet365’s welcome bonus comes in the form of free bets — you get a bonus of 15% up to ₹4,000 in free bet credits. The bonus offer can be claimed within 30 days of registration and should be used within the next 30 days.

Bet365’s offer is reasonably fair, but pales in front of 1xBet in terms of the bonus percentage and the total bonus amount. Both bookmakers’ wagering requirements are equally firm, making 1xBet pip Bet365 at the post in this case.

Welcome Offer Winner: 1xBet

1xbet welcome offer

While comparing 1xBet vs Bet365, you’ll notice that both bookmakers have an equally attractive basket of promotions and free bets.

While Bet365 offers multiple promotions specific to different sports, 1xBet provides a blanket spread of sports betting promos. However, if you dig deeper, you’ll notice that the quality of Bet365’s offers — in terms of the actual benefits — is much better.

Also, the pin-point detailing of Bet365’s offers and the fact that it comes up with some of the most exciting promos during top cricket tournaments tilts the scales in its favour.

Promos And Free Bets Winner: Bet365

bet365 offers

(Screenshot taken on August 21, 2022, at 20:58 IST)

1xBet vs Bet365: Deposit Methods

Smooth and quick betting payment methods ensure you have a whale of a time when betting on your favourite sport.

  • Bet365 caters to an audience spread worldwide and primarily offers payment methods accepted globally, such as VISA, Mastercard, and Skrill. While these ensure on-time payments, the list is limited, which can be a constraint.
  • On the other hand, 1xBet reigns supreme on the deposit methods parameter. It supports 70+ India-specific deposit methods, a number matched by only a handful of other bookies. The operator has banking methods like Paytm, PhonePe, MobiKwik, and IMPS on the list.

While the variety of payment methods is invariably crucial, the minimum deposit limit is important too. Low minimum deposit betting sites are ideal if you want to bet small and steady.

  • Bet365 minimum deposit: ₹350 via Skrill
  • 1xBet minimum deposit: ₹80 via VISA (₹100 via PhonePe)

Thanks to the vast number of payment methods and its relatively lower minimum deposit requirement, 1xBet takes the lead in this round.

Deposit Methods Winner: 1xBet

1xbet payment methods

1xBet vs Bet365: Withdrawal Methods

Like deposit methods, the ease and speed of payout is vital to ensure you can withdraw funds hassle-free. It is best to go with bookmakers that process withdrawals within 24 hours across most of their payment methods.

Always check the withdrawal time for your preferred payment method when using a new bookie, as processing times for the same mode often vary across operators.

Always check the withdrawal time for your preferred payment method when using a new bookie, as processing times for the same mode often vary across operators.

  • 1xBet is one of the leading fast withdrawal betting sites, guaranteeing withdrawals within 15 minutes through various payment methods, such as ecoPayz and Neteller. The bookmaker often processes withdrawals instantly but does not commit to instant payments.
  • Bet365 processes its quickest withdrawals within 12 hours through the same methods as 1xBet — ecoPayz and Neteller. Like 1xBet, Bet365 processes payments instantly many times, but then again, there is no commitment for instant withdrawals!

Withdrawal Methods Winner: 1xBet

1xBet vs Bet365: In-Play Betting

In-play betting (or live betting) takes the thrill and excitement to the next level, as it involves wagering on every ball that’s bowled or every run that’s scored. Given the high intensity, you should always go with top in-play betting sites that promise a lightning-quick and convenient betting interface.

Both bookmakers support live betting, but Bet365 edges past 1xBet. Let us explain why.

Bet365’s in-play betting interface is better organised than 1xBet and provides easy-to-access real-time match stats. The graphics are much more appealing, and the dedicated stats section helps you bet with more conviction.

Moreover, there’s the added convenience of depositing funds; Bet365’s instant deposit feature is among the best in the industry. The quick deposits allow you to instantly top up your betting wallet when running low on funds, ensuring that you never miss out on any important bets during the match.

However, this does not mean that 1xBet’s live betting lacks potential. The platform is resourceful and used by thousands of punters, but it falls behind Bet365 when it comes to UI and speed.

In-play Betting Winner: Bet365

bet365 in-play

(Screenshot taken on August 21, 2022, at 22:10 IST)

1xBet vs Bet365: Live Streaming

Livestreaming has become an inseparable part of sports betting. The thrill of watching the match on the website while placing bets simultaneously takes the fun to a whole new level! You’ll be glad to know that both 1xBet and Bet365 support high-quality cricket livestreaming for free once you have signed up and deposited funds.

  • While Bet365’s live streaming focuses on horse racing and soccer, it almost always live streams top cricket leagues like the IPL, important bilateral series, and of course, ICC tournaments.
  • But 1xBet goes one step further by live streaming matches across multiple sports on its website and mobile app instead of just focusing on a select few categories.

So, in this 1xBet vs Bet365 live streaming comparison, which operator takes the win?

Well, the answer to your question lies in the video quality. While live streaming more matches is a plus, the quality of such videos is equally crucial. And it’s here that Bet365 outshines its challenger by a significant delta, making us choose it over 1xBet.

Live Streaming Winner: Bet365

bet365 live streaming

1xBet vs Bet365: Betting Markets

The range of cricket betting markets directly impacts your betting. Therefore, it only makes sense to go with a bookmaker that offers an array of profitable and practical betting markets across matches, so that you can make the most of every critical match moment.

Both 1xBet and Bet365 offer a comprehensive list of betting markets with competitive odds. But when we compare the two, the former comes up trumps. We explain why.

  • For example, for an upcoming India vs Zimbabwe match, 1xBet is offering 136 markets for you to choose from, while Bet365 has around 40.
  • Moreover, 1xBet also ranks higher in delivering better-quality cricket betting odds. The metric used to determine the competitiveness of the odds is the overround percentage. The funda is that the lower the overround, the higher your earning opportunity.

Let’s take the example of the abovementioned match itself. When comparing 1xBet vs Bet365 overrounds for the match-winner market, 1xBet’s overround was 3.57%, while that of Bet365 was 3.75%. Likewise, for the toss-winner market, 1xBet’s overround was 4.71%, and that of Bet365 was 5.26%.

You’ll notice that the difference between the overrounds is not sky high and probably won’t matter much if you only bet occasionally with little money. However, if you bet regularly and place larger stakes, these slight variations will significantly impact your earnings and, therefore, should not be overlooked.

Betting Markets Winner: 1xBet

1xbet events

1xBet vs Bet365: Betting on Mobile App

Cricket betting apps have gathered a lot of steam in recent years, with most leading bookies launching their apps globally. 1xBet and Bet365 have cricket betting apps for both iOS and Android users. The apps are a near replica of their respective websites, offering almost all the same features.

The small screen size of mobile devices makes UI designing and navigation architecture planning even more critical. If you have ever bet on an app, you’ll agree that a sleek, clutter-less design is essential. And much like the usability factor of its website, Bet365 leads in the mobile app department as well.


  • The Bet365 team has done an excellent job mirroring the website’s UI while ensuring minimum loading time and optimum storage space requirements. Once you open the Bet365 app, you will see a stark resemblance to the website version, and it won’t take more than a few seconds to get accustomed to the app.
  • The 1xBet app also scores reasonably well on the backend factors, such as the loading time and the storage space, but falls behind in UI designing vis-à-vis the Bet365 app, which is a significant drawback.

Mobile App Winner: Bet365

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

This brings us to the end of the 1xBet vs Bet365 comparison. However, for some of you, the question might still remain, “Which is better, 1xBet or Bet365”? Well, that’s a fair thought, given that we have not explicitly chosen one over the other. Instead, we have just discussed all the parameters along with our verdicts.

The reason for doing this is simple. Your betting requirements will vary from others; therefore, asserting that one bookmaker is better than the other would be a sweeping statement and probably a misleading one too.

Summing up this 1xBet vs Bet365 comparison. If you want a bookie that offers convenient payment methods with ample betting markets and do not care much about live betting or cricket live streaming, you can consider 1xBet.

However, if you want a regular flow of bonuses and invest more time in live betting via a mobile app, then Bet365 is your go-to.

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