16 Sports Betting Welcome Bonus Offers in India (2022)

What Are Welcome Offers?

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Welcome offers are a way for the best cricket betting sites to entice new customers to sign up and wager at their operation, and are essentially a gift or reward for joining the bookie.

There are numerous types of welcome offers, such as:

  1. Deposit bonuses
  2. Free bets
  3. Cashbacks, and
  4. No deposit welcome bonuses

A joining bonus is a great way to kick start your time at a bookie by giving you a little extra to punt with. Those new to sports betting can take advantage of a sign-up bonus as a means to practice and experience sports betting without risking their own money.

Let’s discuss about the various types of welcome offers below:

Deposit Bonus

1xbet welcome deposit offer

The deposit bonus is probably the most common sports betting welcome bonus you’ll be offered. This joining bonus is basically a reward for making a deposit for the first time at a sports betting site. Generally, this welcome bonus matches your deposit with bonus funds.

For example, a common deposit bonus is 100% up to ₹8,000 on the first deposit. This means 100% of your initial deposit will be rewarded with bonus money, as long as it doesn’t exceed ₹8,000.

The most rarely-seen version of this welcome bonus is the no deposit welcome bonus – which is literally free bonus funds without any incentive to deposit. This welcome bonus is usually offered at a small amount that has a large wagering requirement.

Free BetsNo deposit bonuses

Free bets have become an increasingly-popular welcome bonus offered by top bookies lately. While typically, the free bet is tailored for existing customers, leading bookies are now offering this joining bonus to new customers too. A free bet is exactly what the title implies – a free bet from the bookie.

How a free bet works, in a nutshell, is the bookie will front the stake amount and if the bet wins, the punter receives the winning amount – less the stake amount. However, if the wager loses, the punter loses nothing from their own funds. This type of welcome bonus is perfect for experimenting with different markets or learning about sports betting.

With a free bet, you could take the most unlikely betting tips and match prediction of an IPL game and place a wager on it because it doesn’t matter if it is a loser! A free bet sign-up bonus typically requires the new punter to either make a deposit or place a certain bet type with some of their initial deposit.

No deposit welcome bonus

An example of no deposit welcome bonus on 888casino

True to their name, no deposit welcome bonuses provide welcome bonus to punters without requiring them to deposit any money.

Surprised about getting a bonus without any minimum deposit requirement?

Well, you are right to feel so. However, these bonuses are a 100% legitimate, and are provided by several sports bookmakers.

Given their very structure of providing free betting funds without any minimum deposits, it is not often that you will see such bonuses on the internet. To be honest, these are one of the rarest forms of welcome bonuses you will ever come across.

You might also find these bonuses under the name of free sign-up bonus on betting websites. Both mean the same.

But why would a bookmaker provide free money without anything in return? Let’s look for the answer below.


A cashback welcome bonus is one of the least-seen bonuses offered to new customers. However, that doesn’t make it a poor welcome bonus. A cashback bonus is the return of a portion of your losses, as determined by the bonus rules. For example, you may see: 25% cashback welcome bonus up to ₹1,500 on the first day – which means 25% of your losing stakes, on your first day of betting, will be returned to you up to a maximum of ₹1,500.

Not necessarily the most enticing of welcome bonuses out there, but the cashback bonus is perfect for experienced punters who wish to join an extra bookie and take advantage of their different odds early on.

What To Look Out For

There are two very important factors to consider when you receive a sports betting sign-up bonus. This would be the wagering requirement and the deposit requirement. We’ve got a quick-fire guide on what to look out for before you claim that new joining bonus from one of the best cricket betting apps in India.

Wagering Requirement

Think of the wagering requirement as the rules of the welcome bonus. Almost every sports betting bonus will have some form of wagering requirements attached. Let’s consider a deposit bonus, for example. A deposit bonus that nets the punter ₹5,000 in bonus funds may have a wagering requirement of 20x – that means the punter must wager that 5,000 bonus 20x before any bonus money can be withdrawn as real money.

So, in this case, you would need to wager the bonus funds to the tune of ₹100,000. This can make some bonuses difficult to actually walk away from with real money – but there are certain techniques and strategies to do so! There are other wagering requirement factors too, such as what type of bets can be placed or on which events they are accepted.

Deposit Requirements

When making a required deposit to receive a welcome bonus, there are two key things to think about. Firstly, be aware of the match deposit percentage; 100% basically means double the deposit amount, while 50% would be an extra bonus amount of half your deposit.

The second important factor here is that these bonuses have a deposit limit – read as “up to” in the bonus title. So, if a deposit bonus states 100% up to ₹10,000, that means that a maximum deposit of ₹5,000 would result in a further ₹5,000 (10,000 total) of bonus funds. However, if you were to deposit more than ₹5,000, you would still only receive ₹5,000 as bonus funds because of the maximum limit.

Bonus Codes

Punters should always keep their eyes peeled for bonus codes. They can typically be found advertised by the bookie, on the bookie’s website itself, or offered by other websites that are promoting a particular betting site. A bonus codes is a code that, when inputted at a betting site, will reward the punter with some form of betting bonus – which could be anything from a free bet to bonus funds.

A tip is to contact the customer support department of a betting site that you are thinking about joining – ask them if they have any codes to use as a joining bonus. You’d be surprised how often a bookie will simply hand one out!

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Licences and Reputation

Safety and security are paramount when deciding to chase an enticing welcome bonus. No sign-up bonus in the world is worth investing your hard-earned funds at a bookie that isn’t licensed and well regulated. Always check to see if the bookie in question maintains a gaming licence from a reputable organisation like the UK Gambling Commission.

Do some research too – make sure that the bookie has a solid reputation and that customers actually find their practices fair and safe. You’ll find that the safest and most reputable sports betting sites offer the best welcome bonuses anyway.

How To Claim the Best Welcome Offers

Choosing a sign-up bonus is easier than you think. There are a few factors to consider, but it’s quite easy to wrap your head around the particulars. To claim the perfect joining bonus for you, consider these factors:

  • Wager requirements – This means to simply take a close look at the wagering requirements of any casino joining bonus. Make sure you don’t have to wager the bonuses too much – around 6 to 10 is generally good – and see if there are any other hidden requirements. Sometimes you’ll only be able to wager a bonus amount in parlay bets or find particular markets excluded.
  • Payment methods – Before you leap into that enticing welcome bonus, consider whether the best betting payment methods available are on offer at your chosen betting site. There’s no point getting excited for a joining bonus, only to find your preferred betting payment method isn’t an option. Be sure to see if any payment methods are exempt from bonuses, too.
  • Odds – We don’t only mean whether the minimum odds to wager your bonus are low, but also whether the bookie in question offers decent odds in general. Don’t chase a sign-up bonus just because it’s a good one – make sure you’re actually going to want to bet with their odds.

Welcome Bonus FAQs

What is a welcome bonus?

A welcome bonus is an enticing offer by top betting sites to get players to sign up to their website. They come in many different forms and each bookie will have its own types of welcome bonuses to offer. For example, some bookies will offer a free bet upon registration, while others will match your deposit up to a certain amount.

Which bookies have the best welcome bonus?

There are very few betting sites in the world that don’t offer some form of a welcome bonus. All welcome bonuses are enticing but not all are equal. We think Betway and 10CRIC are excellent bookies for offering a great welcome bonus.

How can I get the best welcome bonus?

To get the best joining bonus to suit your needs, simply make sure to fully read the terms and conditions. This way you’ll know exactly what is required of you to clear the bonus and whether it is worth the effort.

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

There is no better way to get started in the world of online sports betting than with a quality welcome bonus. A joining bonus is the perfect way to let new players experience sports betting without having to risk their own capital first.

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